Cactus Leather was founded in London, UK in 1996 by Brahim Haddou. As a young student in Morocco, Brahim developed an interest in handmade leather shoes and what started as a hobby soon became his passion and later on his profession. For more than 20 years Brahim and his team of artisans have worked very hard at developing a business that specialises in combining the best of the Moroccan leather tradition with the influence of the British culture.
We are a proud supporter of Moroccan artisan work and we have worked with small artistic producers for many years. We strongly believe in fair trade and are very proud to have the opportunity to bring the work of these unknown masters to a wider audience. It is deeply rewarding to work closely with our friends, designing and creating products which allow these old traditional leather-craft techniques to survive and blossom forth into the future.




At Cactus Leather Studio we do:

  • leather Cutting & Skiving 

  • Embossing & Foil Blocking service 

  • Bespoke Accessories and Sampling service


  • Design and technical drawings ​

  • Pattern and labels logo cutting & printing 

  • Sampling

  • Small batch production 

Please feel free to contact us on:

Email: Cactusleather@hotmail.co.uk