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New traveller messenger leather bag, is made from traditional hunter leather perfect for everyday use, sporty style is very much  0n trends. the slick design will perfectly match any coat, jacket or truck suit.

Condition: New, brand new handmade in our workshop in London.

Feature: 1 leather adjustable strap,

1 Front compartment has 1 pocket for the phone, 1 slot for ID cards, 3 slots for cards, 1 zip closure pocket for safe storage.
1 Main compartment has  1 main compartment to store valuable items such as passport, wallet, smartphone, travel checks 
1 back compartment has 1 zip closure compartment for extra safe storage.

the Bag is compact, and lightweight but can carry a lot of essential items 

Colour:      Black, Brown cognac, Camel

Quantity: 6

Type:    shoulder bag, Messenger bag

Dimensions:    W= 18cm ,  H=23cm, D=5cm  approx.

Price:   £70.00

Manufacturer:       Cactus leather London

Essential Traveller mini messenger leather bag

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