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The perfect weekender mini voyager bag, elegant cute little bag. Made from our highest grade goatskin leather with double stitching for durability, it has vintage look, it ages beautifully and finished immaculately.

CONDITION: brand new, handmade from real organic  cowhide leather with no chemical

    DESIGN: Minimalist     

    FEATURES:        2 handlers, 1 adjustable leather strap, 1  main inner spacious compartment to accommodate your personal belongings such as smartphone, tablet, wallet, keys car etc...  2 outer twin sides pockets with buckles closure for secure storage and 1 front small pocket easy access.

    MANUFACTURER: cactus leather London.

    STYLE: weekender, voyager, travel bag

     MATERIAL: 100% Organic Goat Leather, soft leather

   COLOURS:     Brown, Tan

    DIMENSIONS  :    Small :  W 39cm  X  H 22cm X D20cm 
                                        Meduim: W 48cm X H 26cm X D24cm
                                         Large: W 46cm X H 36 cm X D 29cm


lightweight goat skin leather vintage hold All weekender bag

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