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The perfect luxury weekend mini voyager bag, elegant cute little bag . Made from our highest grade  leather with double stitching for durability  , it will age beautifully and finished immaculately.CONDITION : brand new , handmade from real organic  cowhide leather with no chemical    TYPE :      100% Organic Leather     FEATURES :        2 handlers   , 1 adjustable leather strap,and 1 side leather handler, 1  main  inner  spacious  compartment to accommodate your personal belongings such as smart phone,tablet, wallet, keys car etc...  1 inner zip closure little   pocket for secure storage  and 1 front zip pocket, and side little pocket buckle closure, for extra storage and easy access.    MANUFACTURER : cactus leather London.     MATERIAL : 100% Organic Leather, inner fitting is Swede    COLOURS :    Tan     DIMENSIONS  :     W 12.5" X  H 7" X  D 6.5"  approx      WEBSITE  :               www,

Mini Explorer sport Voyager Leather Bag

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