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real leather Tobacco pouch/pocket to fit in your cut hand-rolling tobacco bag and your Rizla paper in one place. It's handmade, double stitched for durability. 

Real Quality Hunter Leather Tobacco Pouch
made with 100% real hunter leather

Condition: Brand new, handmade  in our workshop in London

Features:  real  hunter leather, two silver-tone popper opening/closing,3 inner pockets,

 one main pocket to fit in your roll-up tobacco (30 g ) and one small front pocket for 

might be lighter and one to fit Rizla or roll up the paper 

Material:     Real  hunter leather

Manufacturer:  Cactus leather London

 Colours:  Umber Brown, lemon, Chanterelle beige, Sangria, olive green, deep Camel, snake's skin blue 

Quantity:   6, very popular selling lots in our shop

Type:    wallet, tobacco pouch


Dimensions :    W 16cm x H 9cm

Price:  £25. 50

Soft leather cut hand rolling Tobacco Pouch ,7 nice Colours


summer sale

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